The principles of life of the Light-Life Movement Communitiessluga2

JESUS CHRIST is my Light and Life
and the only Way to the Father;
I received and accepted him as my Lord and Saviour;
I offered my life to him so that he may direct it.

MARY IMMACULATE is for me the perfect model
of the New Person,
totally devoted in the Holy Spirit to Christ,
to his Word and Works;
that is why I offer myself to her,
I contemplate the mysteries of salvation in the Rosary with her
and I imitate her.

THE HOLY SPIRIT anointed Jesus;
thanks to Christ I also received the Holy Spirit,
who made me reborn to the life
of a child of God,
directed in love and obedience towards the Father;
that is why I want to live in the Spirit,
submitting to his breath and power.

THE CHURCH – the community of the pilgrim People of God,
united with the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit,
is the only environment in which
the New Person can develop;
I want to become more and more deeply rooted in this fraternal community
through the living cell of a small group
in my local Church,
which signifies and realizes
the universal Church.

THE WORD OF GOD will become the light of life for me
if I take up a constant effort to keep it,
to follow it
and to make it the word of my life;
I want to feed on it as often as possible,
especially through personal and communal
Bible study.

PRAYER is the breath of the New Life,
a great privilege and delight of the New Person,
the source of power and the work of the Holy Spirit in us;
therefore I want to be faithful
to the everyday practice of the Tent of Meeting prayer.

LITURGY, particularly the Eucharistic liturgy,
is the privileged place of meeting Christ in the Holy Spirit,
the sign revealing and realizing the mystery of the Church as a community
and the source and summit of the Christian life;
that is why I want to always participate in it as fully as possible
and it is my honour and joy
to serve during a liturgical gathering
according to the recommendations of the post-conciliar liturgical renewal.

TESTIMONY in word and life is the order of the Lord
who wants our light to shine in the sight of people
and that is why he promised to give us the power of the Holy Spirit
so that we may become his witnesses;
trusting this power and praying for it
I want to profess Christ, my Lord and Saviour
on any occasion.

THE NEW CULTURE consists in setting people free
from anything that humiliates their dignity
and in developing the value of a person and a community
in all the spheres of life;
this form of testimony and evangelization is particularly necessary in the contemporary world;
I will offer as my testimony
complete abstinence from alcohol, smoking and using drugs
and I will spread the culture of chastity and modesty
as an expression of my respect for each person.

Thanks to AGAPE, the beautiful love,
poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit,
a person may fully find themselves
through a sincere gift of themselves offered to God and to their neighbour;
agape is the highest form of testimony and realization of a human person;
that is why through constant metanoia and rejection of my egoism
I want to implement in my life the attitude of selfless service, diakonia,
imitating the Son of Man in service
for the community of the Church and all the sisters and brothers,
particularly the least and the oppressed.

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