ToM scheme1. “Come Holy Spirit.”
—I ask for the help of the Holy Spirit—with a song, some short prayer or in my own words.
2. “Jesus is here."
— I realize that he is truly present here, he is with me here and now.
3. “Face to face, as a person speaks to a friend.”
—it is an encounter of friends who are both happy to meet and I can express my joy in prayer of worship. Jesus is my friend, he is delighted to be with me, he loves me, he cares for me; it is like being embraced by him.
4. “Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening.”
—the Lord wants to tell me something particular here and now. It is a prayer for a word for me.
5. “Lord, what shall I do?”
—in the state of internal peace, I take the wait-and-see attitude. My heart is full of curiosity. I would like to hear what Jesus wants to tell me today.
6. “Your word is a lamp for my feet.”
—only now I read the chosen and prepared passage from the Bible. I do it slowly, attentively; more than once if necessary.
7. “A light silent sound.”
I remain in silence, waiting and listening carefully to the voice of God with patience and trust. It is an encounter with God in my imagination, my mind, my heart and my memory.
8. “To the angel . . . write this . . .”
—I write down in my notebook the thoughts that have come to my mind in order to save them from oblivion and to be able to return to them any time I need.
9. “Lord . . . I decide now to . . .”
—I make a resolution and I write it down in my notebook. (Obviously only if it arises in me, I do not force myself to make a resolution, because it is not the essence of the Tent of Meeting.)
10. “Thanks, Jesus.”
—I thank God for the encounter and for his word. (You may also react to God’s kindness with heartfelt repentance, but it is not obligatory.) The prayer should end with thanksgiving.