Mater ecclesiaeMary, Immaculate Morning Star of Freedom, Our Lady of Jasna Góra,

at whose side we, the Polish people, have always been free.

You are for us the source of Light and Life because you were the first of mankind

to receive the Light of the world, Jesus, and you followed him,

offering all of your life to him in love and obedience, as far as to the Cross.

You can see my enslavement, which means I am often overpowered by the darkness of error

and illusions of my imagination and ignorance,

and I live for myself in pride and self-love.


Please, set me free, and ask God to grant me the grace of being immersed, together with you,

in the only Light, that is Jesus, who knows who I am,

what the Father demands from me, and what is good for me.

Please, set me free, and ask God to grant me the power to defeat egoism by receiving the Cross

and to live for the Light, for God, and for my brothers and sisters

through sincere service and love.


Please, make light shine in me and the spring of life well up in me.

Please, help me know the truth that will set me free, and help me follow Jesus

so I do not walk in the darkness, but have the Light of Life. Amen.