A short history of the Light-Life Movement

Grażyna Sikorska, The Light-Life Movement in Poland

1954 – The first oasis retreat for altar boys in Bibiela.

1957 – Fr. Franciszek Blachnicki begins a national Crusade for Abstinence in Katowice.

1958 – The first Children of God Oasis for girls.

1960 – The police raids the offices of the Crusade.

1963 – The first retreat for young girls in Szlachtowa (Oasis of the Immaculate), since that year the oases have been organised regularly.

1965 – Fr. Blachnicki buys two houses in Krościenko n.D.

1969 – The Oasis Movement adopts the name “The Movement of the Living Church”.

1973 – The first Central Mother-Oasis in Krościenko.
– Cardinal Karol Wojtyła, Archbishop of Krakow (later John Paul II), entrusts the Movement to the Immaculate, Mother of the Church on 11 June, 1973.

1973 – The first retreat for families.

1976 – Consecration of the Chapel of Christ, the Servant of God in Kopia Górka in Krościenko.
– The first National Congress of Oasis Leaders in Krościenko.
– The Oasis Movement adopts the name “The Light-Life Movement”.

1977 – Beginning of the constant deuterocatechumenal formation based on the “Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults”.

1978 – The encyclical “Evangelium nuntiandi” is adopted as the programmatic document of the Movement.

1979 – The first pilgrimage of John Paul II to Poland, proclamation of the Crusade for the Liberation of Man in Nowy Targ (8 June).
– The first New Life Oasis, level 3 in Rome.

1980 – The Movement adopts the programme of the so-called Great Evangelization Ad Christum Redemptorem (ACR).
– The Union of Priests of Christ the Servant comes into existence.

1981 – In December Fr. Blachnicki leaves Poland, just before the imposition of martial law.

1982 – The International Centre of Evangelisation “Marianum” is created in Carlsberg, West Germany.

1985 – Fr. Wojciech Danielski, the second national moderator of the Movement, dies.
– Fr. Henryk Bolczyk becomes the national moderator.

1987 – February 27th, Fr. Franciszek Blachnicki dies in Carlsberg in Germany.

1989 – Beginning of the preparation for the Great Jubilee of Christianity in 2000.

1995 – The beatification process of Fr. Franciszek Blachnicki begins.

2000 – The Conference of the Episcopate of Poland brings into existence the association “Diakonia of the Light-Life Movement”.
– On April 1st, 2000 the mortal remains of the Servant of God, Fr. Franciszek Blachnicki are transferred to the church of Good Shepherd in Krościenko.

2001 – Fr. Roman Litwińczuk becomes the general moderator of the Light-Life Movement.

2004 – The Jubilee Pilgrimage of the Movement to Our Lady of Częstochowa (50th Anniversary of the First Oasis).

2007 – Fr. Adam Wodarczyk becomes the general moderator of the Light-Life Movement.

2009 – The Jubilee Pilgrimage of the Movement to Warsaw (30th Anniversary of the First Pilgrimage of John Paul II, 30th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Crusade for the Liberation of Man, 20th Anniversary of the Transformations in Poland).
– “Operation Rome” – 30th Anniversary of the First New Life Oasis, Level 3.

2012 – Beginning of the preparation for the Jubilee of Redemption (2033) – Plan Ad Christum Redemptorem 2 (ACR 2).

2015 – Fr. Adam Wodarczyk is ordained a bishop and Gr. Marek Sędek becomes the general moderator.