blachnickiGod, Father Almighty, we thank you for your priest, the Venerable Servant of God, Franciszek, whom you endowed with the grace of consistent faith in a unique way, and who therefore gave his life fully to your service.
We thank you for allowing him to love your Church passionately and to understand that the deepest principle of her vitality and fertility is the spousal gift of oneself to your Son in love, following the example of the Immaculate Mother of the Church.
We thank you also that through this priest you called into existence the Light-Life Movement, which desires to raise up participants who truly possess themselves in making a true gift of themselves and thus contribute to the growth of the living communities of the Church.
Be praised, o God, in the Servant of God Fr. Franciszek, in his life and work, and be pleased to glorify your name further by granting me through his intercession the grace of ……… that I most humbly implore. Amen.