Personal prayer in the Light-Life Movement

wolanieWithout a regular, deep personal prayer, all the other forms of the prayer will soon get shallow and routinized. The Gospel speaks of Jesus praying together with His disciples and of His prayers in the synagogue and in the Temple. However, we can also see that Christ spent most of His time on personal prayer. He prayed early in the morning (Mk 1:35), late in the evening (Matt 14:22-23), at night (Lk 6:12) and during most intensive work when He stepped aside in order to speak to His Father alone (Lk 5:15-16; Lk 9:18).

In the Light-Life Movement everyday personal prayer, called the Tent of Meeting, is one of the most fundamental principles. The name of this practice is taken from the Book of Exodus, when the chosen nation fled from slavery in Egypt (Ex 33:7-14). Moses pitched a separate tent in which each person could meet with God. Moses himself talked with God “face to face, as a man speaks with his friend.”

The most important thing here is a personal, prayerful Bible study. One looks at his or her life in the light of the Word of God. A set time and place for prayer helps to concentrate and to be persistent in prayer. If possible, this time is spent in front of the tabernacle. Faithfulness to everyday prayer builds faith with fruit appearing in time.

This kind of prayer demands a desire to meet with the Friend. One does not have to say much, it is enough to be close to Him. This prayer also demands faith – trusting that we do not have to make a special appointment because our Friend is always ready to meet us. Even more, He is waiting.

Agnieszka: The Tent of Meeting is one of the most wonderful forms of prayer to learn while belonging to the Oasis Movement. “I myself will send an angel before you to guard you as you go and to bring you to the place that I have prepared” (Ex 23:20). Praise the Lord.

Kacper: My prayer must not be a monologue. We cannot speak incessantly. Our Lord also wants to speak to us but we not always let Him do it. Prayer is like a meeting with a friend who is always waiting for us and who is very patient.

Cezary, 16 years old: The Tent of Meeting is in a way a road to Heaven – an indispensable prayer of any member of the Movement. Thanks to this prayer we get closer to the Lord. Praise the Lord for this gift.

S: Through the Scripture Jesus opened my eyes many times and urged me to change myself, my life. I encourage everyone to practice this form of prayer because in our busy lives we often do not hear the voice of God who has so many things to tell us.

L: The most important prayer during the day. God answered my prayers because I believed and prayed “Everything you ask and pray for, believe that you have it already, and it will be yours.”

Felicia, November 2012: My commitment to personal prayer really helped me out this morning, when I just wanted to “pout” about the results of the election. The time I have allotted each morning for personal prayer is something I really looked forward to this morning, and I was NOT going to let anything stop me from it, even my “pouting.” It actually reminded me that no matter how the election turned out, I still have my God, and I always will. Personal prayer – Wow!