Meeting other people is very important in the Oasis. It is so important that we do not hesitate to talk about the “charism, gift of encounter” in the Light-Life Movement.

Those who want to deepen their Christian maturity form groups for children, youth, adults, consecrated persons and married couples. In each of these main categories smaller communities exist, groups of up to twenty people, which become places of personal Christian growth, of spiritual maturation, of striving with weaknesses and of sharing successes. With time members of these communities become witnesses of faith, helpers in everyday life and people offering true assistance in difficult moments for each other.

As the communities form and begin to develop with bonds of friendship, it is necessary to create a permanent schedule of meetings that should take place once a week or at least once a month. Generally only families (and often groups of diakonias) meet once a month because of their numerous responsibilities such as a job, housework and caring for children. The youth and children meet once a week. Once in three months the Communion Days are organized when dozens of small groups meet. The Holy Eucharist, lectures, exchange of ideas and experiences leave indelible impressions. After several meetings almost everybody knows everybody.

We should never forget that a group meeting in the Oasis Movement is first of all an encounter with Christ. His presence is symbolized by a burning candle that is lit at the beginning of any meeting. Jesus standing among His disciples not only enlightens their path but also speaks to them all and to each of them separately. That is why reading and sharing the Word of God is a very important element of each group meeting. It consists in meditating aloud on an excerpt from the Scripture and sharing how one might or wants to put this Word of God into practice in his or her life. Meeting others through the Oasis Movement builds and develops community, helps in the work on improving oneself, and saves a person from destructive anonymity that can later turn into loneliness.

A community listens to and supports each of its members with prayer and good word. We meet in a community in order to become a gift for one another, to offer our best selflessly. This is what the word charism means (from Greek charisma) – a selfless gift, a gift of grace. Servant of God, Fr. Franciszek Blachnicki wrote: “We describe the charism of the oasis as the charism of encounter, the gift of our encounter with Christ in the Holy Spirit, in the community of the living Church. This encounter bbecomes the source of our apostolic dynamism. It gives rise to the need to engage. That is why the charism of encounter ‘gives birth’ to the charism of diakonia, service”.