grupaA small group is the basic structural element of the Light-Life Movement. In the Domestic Church (the family branch of the Movement) the tasks of the small group are realized partly in family and partly in the circle of married couples.

A small group is formed by several people (preferably four to seven) at the same stage of formation. Each small group has a leader who is responsible for the formation process of its members. This person is also concerned about their engagement in building the community, either during the retreat or in a parish.

The idea of a small group has been transferred from the summer retreat to the parish community. Such a group provides its participants with an environment that makes the growth of the New Person possible in everyday life and in an environment generally very different from the closed group during the summer retreat. From September or October to the end of June each small group meets once a week with the exception of married couples who meet once a month. These formation meetings are also an occasion for prayer, exchange of experiences, and discussions about the problems of everyday life. Their role is to reinforce the participants on the way of the disciple of Christ which they have chosen.