On 25th and 26th of February the 21st Parresia – International Meeting of The Light-Life Movement – took place in Czestochowa on 25-26 Feb. 2016. About 30 participants represented seven countries – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkmenistan and Poland.We were also happy to have our brothers form the Greek Catholic Church among us. Oasis members from the USA, China, and the Philippines had sent letters expressing their unity with us.
During the Holy Mass on Thursday evening Fr. Andrzej Madej OMI told us about his missionary work in Turkmenistan. We prayed together in our national languages. On Friday we listened to the presentation of Fr. Jaroslaw Gasiorek, entitled "Merciful as Father", explaining the mission statement for the next year of formation in the Movement. We talked about it later in small groups, and then we met in the whole group to sum up our conclusions concerning incorporation of the idea and the works of mercy in our countries. We also talked about our cooperation in various initiatives and projects of the Light-Life Movement in our countries. On Friday evening we joined the 41st Convention of the Responsible of the Light-Life Movement. After the Convention we met again to sum up Paresia. We shared our thoughts from Convention and our ideas for the next Parresia.
Parresia let me experience how rich we are as a Movement. We live in different culture areas and we speak different languages but our joys and problems are similar. Our common prayer in different languages made a deep impression on me. Once again it showed me that the Church is universal. Everybody’s enthusiasm for helping each other and for cooperation now and in the future was truly enriching. The whole Parresia was a time of great joy resulting from our meeting one another and form the spirit of community.
Katarzyna Herman